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the mocfor Global Pandemic economic recovery Systems

"Entrepreneurship is the key to sovereignty"

Trade Development, Business Services and Administrative Support

Leading Providers in "Total Life Make-Over Plans"

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. . . and Sovereignty Is The Key To Salvation

Exposed Secret Video Leaked ~ 1967

A description of our lives today as planned before 1967. Primarily for Americans, these three videos will educate you on how we became so vulnerable to our governments. Then, learn how to reclaim your inalienable rights as a Citizen of your Union State or American National, free from United States of America, Inc. mandates and jurisdiction. Next: learn how new assemblies are formed now under the National Committee of Safety, established after American Revolution, and maintained until this day.

Understanding How We Got Here

Presented by Robert Horton-US Army Special Ops

War Castles N W O ~ The Empire of The Three City-States.

Slavery never ended. Our journey, 1776 to Present-Day.

Presentation by Johnny Liberty in 1995

Birth Certificates printed on bond paper, Social Security Cards

We are franchisees of The United States of America, Inc.

Post Master General of The World as of 1999

Last-Flag-Standing: Russell-Jay: Gould

August 21, 2020