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"ending poverty to strengthen the world economy"

"Earn While You Learn to Become Successful in Business"


The SVM Global Business System

4 Steps to Achieving Success


The SVM Global Learning Center, LLC (SVMG-LC-California), is a leading provider of "Total Life Make-Over Plans™." Membership registrations consist of Needs Assessments that include the whole family for adequate customization of Members' Service Packages (MSPs). #TotalLifeMakeOvers

The Learning Center is a staging point for future small business owners to receive the professional and business development services, and support needed to transition from social service or employment dependency to self-sufficiency, and financial independence. 

Essential within a member's service package is the means to develop or register a business trade, and options for funding to advance members to client status with Sheila V. & Associates. 


Sheila V. & Associates, LLC (SV&A-New York), is a professional development and business management consulting firm with a clientele consisting of independent contractors, distributors, freelance professionals, and other small business owners. 

Once a client’s trade is submitted, a tax structure is determined, and the client’s trade is paid into "The Marketplace," where it is promoted to earn the second of multiple streams of income. 

The Marketplace provides opportunities to grow businesses in a financially secure environment that is generously supportive of start-ups. Members of The Learning Center must pass pre-screening to become clients of SV&A.


The Marketplace at SV&A, LLC (TMktP-Costa Rica), is a "Member's Only" affiliate partner program and online shopping platform that provides an education in professional and business development of the trades submitted by clients of Sheila V. & Associates. 

To introduce a client to entrepreneurship, we set him or her up on blog sites to share experiences on subject matters for which the client has the most interest. The objective is to assist in the development of relationships that will stimulate the creative process, build confidence, establish a niche and make it profitable. 

Those unable to read or write may convey their knowledge using images, and promote their interests on social media sites like Instagram. Here, is where participants in the SVM Global Business System "EARN WHILE THEY LEARN" to become successful in business. #IncomeEquality

1. Become A Member

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2. Become A Client

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3. Register Your Trade

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Entering The Marketplace

A New Trade Alliance

Marketplace services are only available to clients of SV&A and include product development, marketing, and promotions, business services, support, and training in all departments. 

Member participation is paid for in the way of weekly subscriptions. In addition to the services provided, clients are permitted to promote up to five trades a week, and by doing so become part of a trade alliance that ensures the maintenance and success of the trades being promoted.

The subscriptions are purchased from peers within the alliance, but the sales of subscriptions are facilitated by SV&A. 

Multiple Streams of Income

Sales generate revenue that is shared equally among the alliance on a weekly basis, producing the first stream of a seemingly passive income. 

Multiple streams of income are generated from the sales of products and services (trades) promoted in The Marketplace. 

Subscription 1: Week 1, is prepaid for all clients by the firm.


A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.

Subscription l 

Marketplace Entry

Business Development


Subscription ll

Lifestyle Lessons for  Living Easier


Subscription lll 

Wealth Development and Asset Management


Zero Dollar Program Participants

and The SVM Global Freedom Fund

STEP 4: PAY IT FORWARD - The SVM Global Freedom Fund is a sponsorship program offered by The Learning Center. 

Initially, the fund will be seeded by donations; however, once the SVM Global Business System is fully operational participants will be required to pledge 10% of their weekly earnings to keep the fund growing. 

This act of giving perpetuates the system and will continue doing so until financial despair no longer exists.



1. The Learning Center (SVMG-LC) provides membership to everyone in need of an income, which includes assistance in setting up cryptocurrency accounts.


  • 800K Furloughed Employees
  • 2M    Contractors
  • 100K Teachers on strike
  • 44M  College Students
  • 20M  Veterans
  • 200K  Migrants
  • US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico Africa, Mexico, Italy, France
Number in Extreme Poverty: 900M


2. SVMG-LC Members become Standard Service Level Clients of SV&A.

  • SV&A Represents Clients'
  • Establishes and records trade(s)
  • Subscription cost for the 1st week of promoting trade is prepaid and comped by SV&A.
  • SV&A offers its clients group rates for medical, legal, financial and travel services.
  • Replace Social Services Case Workers with SV&A Business Management Consultants and Account Managers.


3. SV&A places clients in The Marketplace to promote their trades and become members of a new international trade alliance.
  • Weekly sales of subscriptions generate revenue shared equally within the alliance.
  • Members receive their first payment of shared revenue.
  • A Universal Basic Income (UBI) is established.
  • The UBI (Subscription l) Subscriptions ll, lll, and revenue from sales of trade close income gap.

Donations and The Freedom Fund

If everyone were to make a $10 donation by April 1, 2019, the SVM Global Business System could be implemented and operating at full capacity by September 13, 2019. 

Please Donate and allow us to prove how quickly and efficiently this system can work to resolve financial crises, both domestically and abroad. 

Donations will be received into "The Freedom Fund," which is not a 501(c)3 government certified non-profit company, and, thus are not tax-deductible.  Thank you!


Financial independence in a free market economy established and maintained by the working class, perpetuated by the over 900 million people in extreme poverty worldwide, until poverty no longer exists.

Provide a means by which government can be reduced in size; the best of healthcare is affordable for everyone; college debts can be quickly paid-off, and tuitions paid-in-full before the first day of school; mortgages paid within five years, and the environment can be restored within ten. #NewGreenDeal

Please Donate!

Donations are accepted at GoFundMe * The SVM Global Freedom Fund by Debit/Credit cards via the

button below, and Cryptocurrency. BTC: 1LUFdwCjYRfPneS9B5RuJguQfBLZkDvFJf

Alternative methods of donating may be requested via email or by calling:

email: [email protected] ~ bus: 559.668.9000

Thank You!

*FYI: Inactive links will become live once funding is available to provide the services offered.