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"People Helping People Help Themselves"

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The SVM Global Initiative

Ending Poverty to Strengthen The World Economy

OUR MISSION is to empower people to accept themselves as individual business entities. We provide

the means for everyone experiencing financial instability to generate and sustain an income by

monetizing and promoting their God-given gifts of commerce, interests, or trade skills.


Rev. Sheila V. is a Native Cherokee Shaman and Spiritual Life Coach, Prophetess, and Universal Life Church Minister that has devoted nineteen years of her life to the development of The Sheila V. Mission (SVM) project. SVM began as a commercial venture to convert abandoned military bases into places to end poverty and homelessness.

Rev. Sheila V. served as a U.S. Air Force Reservist and veteran of the Persian Gulf War. After receiving an honorary discharge, PTSD made it difficult to remain employed and provide stable housing for this single parent and her two small daughters. Then she was introduced to NESARA.

"If money were no object, what would you do, and how would you make the world a better place," the man asked?

And the reverend wrote a business plan from her heart. The original reads like a "how-to" book for Air Force Veterans to return to life on base after failing the process of reintegrating into society as civilians. As developing the plan became her life's work, it is now an economic recovery system that propels the human spirit. 

From left to right: My daughters, Keanna and Michaela, 

and grandsons, Leland and Roland.

"And The Meek . . ."

The Sheila V. Mission Project was filed in the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2011, as a non-profit organization.

SVM ReDesign Your Life America. In 2013, the organization established The SVM Global Initiative, which is a community wealth development project. The initiative then evolved into what became, The SVM Global Business System, a Globally Unifying Humanitarian Effort to Achieve Income Equality. This process begins with transitioning recipients from dependency on public assistance to financial independence as entrepreneurs and members of The SVM Global Learning Center. Accessible, scalable, and educational, productive, promoted, and profitable business owners pay-it-forward to perpetuate the system until every home is financially secure and all nations are debt-free.

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