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the SVM Global Pandemic economic recovery System

"Uniting The World with a Matrix, ubi, and Commerce"

Trade Development, Business Services & Administrative Support

Leading Providers in "Total Life Make-Over Plans"

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A Global Wealth Development Project

International participation is essential to establishing the first Universal Basic Income driven by commercial means producing equal pay around the world. SVMG's strategy is to turn all employees into contractors, social service departments into business management consulting firms, and social workers into account managers.  Using this approach, income equality can be achieved while restoring international markets amid the pandemic,

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Service 1 ~ Empowerment

Presentation is everything since you really do only get one chance to make a First Impression.

Fortunately, once you become a professional, there are no shortages of opportunities. And, life offers a never-ending series of first chances. 

We offer training in professional etiquette, business protocol, cultural diversity, and more, to ensure you are always presentable.

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"What Is Your Purpose In Life?" We believe everyone is born knowing the answer to this question, however, some lose their way when compelled to fulfill the expectations of others. 

The first step for us is to take you back to when your mind, body, and spirit were elated by the prospect of earning a living doing what you enjoyed most. 

Then, we help you devise a plan to achieve that very goal. Family counseling and more are also included with this service. 

Sign-up here for a one-on-one or group spiritual life coaching session today!*

All services are available in mock settings to junior associates who range from 3 to 17 years of age. This program was created to familiarize youths in our communities with what it really takes to be successful in business, and how important it is to balance that time with school, family, and fun. 

Workshops are scheduled two weekends a month and provide a level of interest and encouragement that we trust will inspire your sons and daughters to maintain active roles in shaping the future of our economy. 

We look forward to meeting the junior businessmen and women of your family!!!

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Our Mission Is To Empower People to Become Financially Independent 

 Allow Us to Help You Build or Restore Your Success in Business and Life!

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How The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

Participate in a new culture of economic development for domestic and international markets. Here, every life is a business! This is 

how the Meek shall come to inherit the earth.

The SVM Global Business System is a globally unifying, community wealth development project that provides capital funding directly into the hands of participating individuals and family members. 

People all over the world are looking to governments for bailouts and stimulus to relieve the strain caused by the pandemic. Trillions in funding have already been spent, at the risk of our global economy, and still is not enough. 

The SVM Global Business System has a solution. A nominal, one-time cash infusion per every man, woman, and child will alleviate the strain on individual households, restore small businesses, and begin a healing process that will restore hope and peace of mind. 

We humbly request your donations to fund our efforts to implement this great plan. Our hope is to not have to depend on the institutions contributing to the problem we are working so diligently to end. 

Thank you!


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 The SVM Global Freedom Fund 

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