Freedom Fund

American_Flag_Gavel_PAID_FOR$0 Program Participation: In November 2013, SVM ReDesign Your Life America (developed 15 yrs ago) established The Freedom Fund by raising money to provide for military veterans wanting to participate in business opportunities that promised residual income. The objective was to prove a reliable income could be sustained by working together, as was done while actively participating in the military, to achieve that end goal without the need for Veteran Disability Benefits.

Sheila V. & Associates, LLC (SV&A) was established in March 2014, to provide professional development and business management service support to contributors of The Freedom Fund so they could be accommodated, in some cases, as both benefactor and recipients of funding without compromising the integrity of SVM’s non-profit status. Those contributors became SV&A’s first 3,000 clients and managed accounts.

Now an established entity of its own, The SVM Global Freedom Fund is a non-profit charitable foundation available to both veteran and civilian families.

Anyone not able to afford the cost of becoming a Standard Level Client of Sheila V. & Associates may apply to The Freedom Fund for, what we call, Zero Dollar Program Participation (ZPP) by clicking here. Approved applicants are placed on THE LIST OF ELIGIBILITY until funded $110 to become Basic/Standard Clients.